Dr. Konstantin Bajohr

Lawyer and Mediator
Specialised lawyer for construction and architectural law
Lawyer for rent and residential property law

Dr. Konstantin Bajohr, born in 1978, was admitted to the Berlin bar in 2007. He worked as an
attorney in several Berlin based law firms since, only paused by a two-year-term in a leading
position in public service. He joined Ligant Rechtsanwälte und Notar in March 2020.

Before being admitted to the bar Dr. Konstantin Bajohr was a research associate with Prof. Dr.
Klaus Marxen, Chair of Criminal Law, Criminal Procedural Law and Philosophy of Law at
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, where he was awarded his doctoral degree. Since 2012 he is a
mediator (DAA).

Dr. Konstantin Bajohr has an extensive experience representing clients in the areas of individual,
collective and ecclesiastical labour law. In 2019 he successfully completed the course to become
a specialized solicitor in that field.

Dr. Konstantin Bajohr represents both private and public clients in all areas of administrative law,
especially focusing on public construction, municipal and restitution law.

The experience he gained while living in the US and in Brazil allows Dr. Konstantin Bajohr to
communicate with his clients both in English and Portuguese. He is a member of the German-
American Lawyers´ Association (DAJV), German-Brazilian Lawyers´ Association (DBJV) and the
Tennessee Bar Association.

Fields of law
Labour law
Administrative law
Public construction law
Municipal law

(Brazilian) Portuguese

Katrin Krause
Tel.: 030 880 340 61